Thermal Break Design

Finesstra tailored fabrication process starts with European steel window & door systems. Our thermally broken sections are bonded together using a high-density polyurethane resin injected under high pressure. This process firmly joins the frame sections together and provides thermal insulation while maximizing structural strength. Finesstra’s thermally broken windows and doors are characterized by being very slim, yet are extremely sturdy and long-lasting. The high thermal efficiency of this product provides maximum U-value.

Our thermally broken custom solutions are available in a wide variety of configurations, providing design flexibility with four glazing bead profiles. We have partnered with the top suppliers in the fenestration industry; their profiles, glass and finishing’s have gone through the most stringent inspections to provide the best product in the market today.

Finesstra Products


Finesstra’s  UNUM50 series provides the slimmest steel profiles in the industry. UNUM50  series allows to create a contemporary look, with thin lines yet the sturdiness of steel. The innovative high density polyurethane isolator used as thermal barrier, together with the possibility of housing high performance double pane glass up to 37 mm, allow to fully respond to current regulations and contemporary needs for comfort.

Finesstra’s UNUM50 series is being used for a variety of indoor and outdoor solutions, from wine cellars, to patio sliding doors, fixed staircase windows and front entry doors.

Features of UNUM 50 TB

  1. Precision cold formed steel profiles
  2. “Stepped leg” design
  3. High density cast in polyurethane isolator
  4. Very compact profiles with minimal depth and sightlines
  5. Mechanically fixed non-shrinking gaskets
  6. Low emissivity double-glazing up to 37 mm
  7. Choice of different glazing beads
  8. Zinc-magnesium pre-coating for corrosion protection


Finesstra’s UNUM65 series combines the mechanical strength and minimalistic slender design of the UNUM65 thermally broken steel profiles with thermo-acoustic insulation. UNUM65 TB is the only cold formed thermal insulated profile system, which boast a thickness of 2 mm. It is an ideal solution for large glazing’s and with its 65/72 mm of profile depth an extremely strong framing material for oversized windows and doors. UNUM65 TB is a multi purpose system and profiles used for fixed frames,  outer casement, pivot and sliding solutions, allowing you to create custom designs for residential and commercial spaces.

Features of UNUM 65

  1. 2 mm tubular profile with extremely high moments of inertia. The most streamlined in its class
  2. Extra deep profiles (65-72 mm) to accommodate high-performance glazing
  3. 22 mm glazing rebate, to guarantee a deeper overlap of the glass pane
  4. Easy welding of the corners
  5. Sash gaskets with vulcanized corners, providing excellent water- and air-tightness
  6. The same profiles can be used as frame or as hinged sash
  7. Hermetic gaskets on glass pane
  8. Gap between doors increased to 15 mm for optimal rotation even when doors are very narrow
  9. Option to change distance between the profiles, without modifying the visible gasket surface
  10. Safety tilt and turn hardware with a fourth handle position, allowing perfect ventilation of rooms
  11. Etched marking to locate hardware fastening axis
  12. Special self-tapping glazing fastening screws
  13. Snap-on glazing beads retainer with sharp edge to increase resistance to wrenching


Finesstra’s UNUM72 series offers thermal barrier lift and slide door solutions. All profiles are cold formed with 2mm thick steel and ideal solution for large glazing with weights up to 600 kg. The 72 mm profile depth and 4 mm flange thickness is a perfect compromise between design and security. The extremely strong framing material accommodates glass up to 60 mm without loosing the slenderness of the frames.

Features of UNUM72 Series

  1. 2 mm tubular profile with extremely high moment of intertia
  2. Thermal barrier profiles
  3. 22 mm glazing rebate, to guarantee a deeper cover of the glass pane
  4. Profiles (72 mm) accommodate high-performance glazing
  5. Tracks position coincides with glass panes, guaranteeing a perfect balance and sliding
  6. Sealing gasket on the external corner of the profile, to avoid backwater between profile and threshold
  7. Thermally insulated profile kit for frames and threshold
  8. Double grooves for fin gaskets with vulcanized corners
  9. Lifting fittings system, up to 400 Kg each kit (certified up to 600 Kg each door)
  10. AISI 316 stainless steel slide track
  11. Highly insulated maze with double gaskets
  12. Safety locking